Meet the Ladies

All women are powerful, multi-faceted, divine beings, but there are many who don’t realize the wealth within. Design of a Woman is dedicated to helping women live the most fulfilled version of their lives. We are three God fearing women who speak to the heart, mind, body, and soul of a woman through our own unique perspectives. Through the lessons learned from our life experiences, we hope to show that as women, we are all connected. We want every woman who encounters us to know that she is powerful, beautiful, and worthy of every good thing this life has to offer. We hope that as you embark on this journey with us, God speaks to your heart and gives you love, peace, and joy.


bio pic me2My name is LaTerra Wise and I am a crafty, quirky woman. I am also a wife and mother of four. I was born and raised in the little town of Eden, MD. Along with genetics, I believe growing up in the country fostered the creative spirit in me. I am happiest when I’m surrounded by pages of my random thoughts or covered in glue and glitter. I have not always embraced the woman I am; for many years, I struggled to define myself and love who I am. Now, in my 30s, I am finally learning all the intricacies of me and loving the path my life is taking. My goal with Design of a Woman is to share my struggles, my joys, and my path to self love. I look forward to sharing the many facets of myself with you all. Be blessed.


bio pic amanda2My name is Amanda Milbourne and I am a single mother of two beautiful children. I have a heart for the people, young and old. My love and passion for writing began as early as age 10. I love to paint pictures with words. I feel music and poetry go hand in hand. The rhythm, the flow, each beat, each word enhancing the next; bringing you a story of one’s life. I was inspired to write because it not only was a release for me, but I found it was insight and strength for others. Some of my writings not only tell a story, but they become my song, a testimony of where I’ve come from and a declaration of who I am to become.

I am like a lighthouse standing in the midst of the troubled world shining my light of love, hope, and peace to heal all who seek refuge from their storm. Though the wind blows and the rain falls I shall not be moved. I will continue to let my light shine to help lead and guide you safely as we, together, weather what life brings. When your mind gets a little foggy and the way seems unclear, keep your eyes upon the lighthouse and direction you will find. When life’s waves of circumstances crash all of your hopes and dreams, stay in the lifeboat and seek the light from the lighthouse to put you back on track again. I am like a lighthouse; a light with words illuminating the darkest of nights.


bio pic mom2Daughter, mother, “Mom Mom,” sister, friend, aunt, sister girl…as a “woman” these are only a few of the hats I wear.  My name is Lisa Wright and I am a native of a little country town, unheard of by many, called Eden, Maryland.  Being raised the youngest of 9 children, by a hardworking widow woman groomed me to be productive and creative in the struggles of life.  Embracing the reality of the woman I am today allows me to appreciate life’s simple pleasures and to seek the beauty of God in all creation.

For as long as I can remember, I was shy, soft spoken and introverted, trying hard to avoid crowds as much as possible and just blending in, when avoidance wasn’t altogether an option.  I discovered writing at a very young age and would often write poems and plays.  Not understanding or knowing the gift I possessed, I would carelessly discard everything I’d write, and eventually, without proper nurturing, the gift was extinguished for a season.  “But unto everything there is a time and a season…”  Now is the appointed time.  It’s my season.


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